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ORTHO-K: Vision Corrected While You Sleep!

Correct Your Vision While You Sleep!

Ortho-K is the most exciting thing happening in eye care today. Using custom designed corneal retainer lenses, we are able to:

  • mold away myopia (nearsight), hyperopia (farsight), astigmatism, and presbyopia in adults, and
  • prevent myopia from developing and worsening in children.

Ortho-K (short for “Orthokeratology”) goes by a number of different names, among them Corneal Molding, Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT), Corneal Re-Shaping, and “eye retainers”. Developed over the past 50 years, Ortho-K has gained wide recognition as a safer and less expensive alternative to LASIK refractive surgery. Using specially designed overnight wear rigid gas permeable contact lenses, we can re-shape the cornea while you sleep, so when you wake up and remove the lenses, your vision is clear all day without glasses or contacts. Besides stopping the progression of myopia in children, Ortho-K lenses can also be designed for people of all ages to temporarily eliminate myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia.

Myopia (nearsight): Far object focused in front of the retina.

Ortho-K lens on the eye flattens the cornea and changes its power.

Lens removed. The flattened cornea’s power has been changed from its original to put the focus point of a faraway object on the retina. Myopia corrected.

Ortho-K LENS to Correct Myopia

Ortho-K works, not by compression, but by creating a gentle suctional force that pulls the central tear layer and corneal epithelium outward, resulting in central corneal flattening.

Ortho-K lens zones

Tear layer forces in an Ortho-K lens for correcting myopia.

Fluorescein dye fitting pattern of an Ortho-K lens to correct myopia.

Corneal curvature change: Ortho-K for myopia

Hyperopia (farsight): Far object focused in back of the retina.

Ortho-K lens on the eye has the patient’s Rx built in to put the focus point of a far object onto the retina. At the same time, it is also steepening the cornea and changing its power.

Lens removed. The steepened cornea’s power has been changed from its original to put the focus point of a far object on the retina. Hyperopia corrected.

Ortho-K LENS to Correct Hyperopia (farsight)

Ortho-K (for hyperopia) works by creating a gentle suctional force that pulls the tear layer and corneal epithelium inward, resulting in central corneal steepening and peripheral corneal flattening.

Corneal curvature change: Ortho-K for hyperopia

WAVE Custom Designed Lenses Offer Unrivaled Advantages:

There are a number of different Ortho-K lenses available, but Dr. Jeruss has preferred to use WAVE lenses since 2004. WAVE lenses are the only ones that can be custom designed with:

  1. any overall lens diameter (to fit different sized corneas), including corneoscleral (larger than cornea).
  2. any optic (treatment) zone curvature and diameter (to correct much higher refractive errors than other lenses are capable of, and to adjust for different pupil sizes).
  3. a “decentered optic (treatment) zone” (to counteract excessive lens decentration and turn a failing case into a success!). *** In March 2016, Dr. Jeruss was the first person in the world to design a decentered optic zone! This was such an important development for Ortho-K that it was just incorporated into the latest version of the WAVE software!
  4. any reverse zone (“pull” zone) curvature and diameter (to create faster treatment)
  5. any slope between the treatment zone and the reverse zone (to create different amounts of peripheral myopic defocus for stopping myopia progression)
  6. any alignment zone width and curvature and slope (to improve lens centration)
  7. any edge width and degree of lift (to improve comfort)
  8. any overall power (to allow for clear vision with daily wear, if desired)
  9. any center and edge thickness (to prevent lens warping and improve comfort)

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